Another Huffington Post Comment Mysteriously Gone Missing

I commented on this story: Stricter Regulations Will Keep Reckless Banks from Killing American Jobs and my comment vanished.

“Has anyone noticed that the Teamsters got what they wanted in all of this. They’re still standing, and the company survives with them. How ironic that the force that so many think tears down companies (and the manifestation of that force that most people believe to be the most hard-core, intransigent and even violent) is the one that SAVED the company.

Teamsters have no need of the NLRB–they kick ass by themselves. And if you think they’re incompatible with competitiveness, look at Costco … it’s unionized, and the union there is the Teamsters.

Americans need to unionize against banks that get their money at 0% and charge 30%. And YouTube phenom Ann Minch’s debtors revolt http://www.debtorsrevoltnow.comm) is the vehicle. An American version of Mexico’s “el Barzon” will pwn these bad banks.

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