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Solving a YouTube Problem With AutoShare Options

Monday, October 5th, 2009

I’m going to make this post blessedly brief. I had messed up my YouTube AutoShare Options and couldn’t change them. I would get a screen back that just said “something didn’t work properly” or a popup window where I might have made an appropriate change would appear only momentarily then close itself and not allow me to do anything. I would also see “uploads won’t be sent to Facebook because you didn’t give full access for YouTube to post to Facebook.”

Then I noticed that when I clicked on the sharing link in my account’s control panel there would be a momentary appearance in the box with the “Twitter” and “Facebook” logos of a link that would let me delete all sharing … and though it disappeared quickly, it would be there long enough for me to click it if I wanted to.

Since both my Facebook and Twitter linking were buggered, I asked myself what I had to lose if I deleted all sharing. Then I did it.

Once I did that I was able to re-establish sharing easily … both Facebook and Twitter are now completely repaired.